Anonima Cicli

200 years after being invented, the bicycle is regaining an important place in the complex mosaic of urban and suburban transport and mobility.

The bicycle has remained, in the course of its evolution, a mean of extreme beauty, successful synthesis of technique and functionality, combining mechanical and creative aspects.

Still part of the latest technology, is re-evaluated as an alternative to the excess spread of motorized traffic, also ideal for tourists as a way to visit places and landscapes, allowing them to directly respect nature and the environment.

To meet these needs, as well as the pleasure of cycling for leasure or necessity, M.C. Bike offers handmade bicycles, known by a meticulous attention to detail, focusing on innovation and Made in Italy, marketed under the brand name of ANONIMA CICLI.

The great flexibility of ANONIMA CICLI, guaranteed by hand machining and assembly, allows to evaluate individual requests for customization and provide models "OUT OF RANGE" that are completely customizable, that only a few competitors are able to provide.

The customization of each piece, from shape to color, make ANONIMA CICLI's bicycles one of a kind, considered by fans real "author's jewels" with a sequal number (limited edition) for each single specimen which creates uniqueness. The assembly of components is done in the laboratory of Fano, in via Montevecchio No. 80, under the watchful and experienced guidance of Matteo Dottori and Michele Marconi.

ANONIMA CICLI Bicycles are a product Made in Italy, that truly interprets the Italian style in the world and rewards investments that keep on improving sport's performance.

ANONIMA CICLI is a minimalist bicycle made ​​for the city and for those who want simplicity, elegance and charm, wrapped in a clean means of transport.


Bicicletta Anonima '89

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